Keg Reservations

Take Crossroads home with you!

Please note the following:

– All keg reservations must be made 72 hours prior to desired pick up date. Please call if you require a keg sooner

– All keg pick ups will be at our Catskill Taproom location during operating hours

– All keg availability is subject to inventory. We will contact you before the desired pick up date if the item you are looking for is out of stock

– 1/2 BBL’s = approximately 125 pints    1/6 BBL’s = approximately 40 pints

– We currently do not offer picnic pumps, taps, jockey boxes, buckets, or ice

– Sales tax and keg deposit applied at time of purchase


    Outrage 1/2 BBL ($200)Outrage 1/6 BBL ($90)New Normal 1/2 BBL ($200)New Normal 1/6 BBL ($90)House Lager 1/2 BBL ($170)House Lager 1/6 BBL ($65)Brick Row Red 1/2 BBL ($170)Brick Row Red 1/6 BBL ($65)Black Rock Stout 1/2 BBL ($200)Black Rock Stout 1/6 BBL ($90)