A guide to Hudson Valley breweries, wineries, cideries & distilleries

The Hudson Valley is one of the oldest alcohol-producing areas of the country. Dutch settlers and patrician farmers, free of New England’s Puritan restrictions, brewed, distilled and cidered all the way back in the Colonial era – remember Rip Van Winkle’s powerful drink? A number of factors, particularly Prohibition and the economic decline of most of the river cities, has meant that this legacy remains somewhat buried, waiting only for some local to uncover it once again.

Hence our beverage boom. In the previous few decades, and particularly in the last ten or so years, the Hudson Valley has seen exponential growth in breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries, many of them using exclusively local ingredients and most crafting their own particular twists on your drink of choice. From national canning operations to farmyard family operations, here’s the guide to all the drinks your backyard has on tap…READ MORE