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The Pub

Pub and restaurant right inside our historic Opera House built in 1893..........

Craft Beer

Quality craft ales that you'll always find something new to try on our 10 rotating taps.....

Crossroads Brewing

Executive Chef Paul Parillo has created a delicious menu featuring meats, produce and cheeses from farms

throughout the local Hudson Valley area

The Brewery

7 barrel brew house - Head Brewer Adam Krawczak.....

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What's on Tap

Updated 6/24/2016


Outrage IPA IBU: 80 ABV: 7.0

Outrage is an India Pale Ale featuring the robust and assertive flavors of American hops balanced by a sweet malt body and high alcohol content. We use only the highest quality English malts to create a bright copper color and smooth rich body for this ale. Maris Otter Pale Malt , Crystal Malt and a small addition of wheat supply the backbone and alcohol sweetness to help balance out this beer. However hops are the real feature of Outrage IPA. Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo and Citra hops are added throughout the brewing process to yield an assertive hop bitterness reminiscent of grapefruit, a sweet hop flavor, and a complex aroma with notes of citrus, spice and earthiness. Dry hopping helps to further accentuate the wonderful and unique aromas of the five American hop varieties. Look for huge flavor and aroma from Outrage with a noticeable kick from the alcohol content.

Brady's Bay Cream Ale IBU: 18 ABV: 5.0

Brady's bay Cream Ale is a pleasantly balanced and refreshing cream ale. German Pilsner Malt creates a beautiful, golden hued ale while small amounts of German Caramel Pils and Honey Malt balance the dry character of the beer with just a touch of sweetness and a mild bready malt character. Small amounts of Citrs hops contribute a very subtle fruity character in the background and a clean crisp bitterness. Overall, look for a light bodied, smooth and well balanced golden ale that is super drinkable.

Brick Row Red IBU: 16 ABV 5.0

Brick Row Red Ale is a smooth and easy drinking malty ale. A blend of English malts create a bright amber color aand rich malt flavors with noted of nuttiness, biscuit, caramel, and a mild bread character. German Hallertauer hops provide just a hint of bitterness and aroma to balance the sweet malts. Overall, look for a smooth, clean, and drinkable red ale with a blend of malt flavors and pleasant malt aroma.

Black Rock Stout IBU: 44 ABV 6.8

** 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Medal Winner Foreign-Style Stout **

Black Rock Stout is a dark and robust, full bodied foreign style stout that bursts with flavor. Roasted barley and chocolate malt combine with sweet and fruity fermentation flavors to create the rich body of this full flavored brew. American hops help balance out the robust malt flavor and the high alcohol content adds a touch of sweetness and warming sensation on the palate. Overall, look for a thick tan head atop a jet black brew with rich roast and chocolate notes, a bit of sweetness and a bit of kick from the high alcohol content. This ale is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Lighthouse Wheat IBU: 10 ABV 4.2

Lighthouse Wheat ia a pleasantly refreshing beer that offers a perfect break from the heavy full-bodied beers of winter. German Pilsner and wheat malts combine to give this unfiltered beer a light golden color and soft wheat flavor and crisp finish. Czech Saaz hops added during the whirlpool add a subtle hop aroma. Overall look for a drinkable and light-bodied wheat beer with subtle aromas and a slight tart flavor. Lighthouse is a true session beer, enjoyable pint after pint !!

Street Muscle Porter IBU: 20 ABV: 6.4

Street Muscle Porter is the newest creation by Brewer Adam Krawczak. This Robust Porter is jet black in color but without the overwhelming roast character and heaviness of a stout. A heavy dose of oats gives this ale a thick creamy head and silky smooth body. Dark crystal and chocolate malts add a touch of sweetness, and dark roasted wheat adds color and a dry roasty flavor in the finish. To complement the malt flavors small additions of Willamette hops add a touch of hop aroma to this porter. Overall look for a flavorful porter with a pleasant roastiness, a hint of hops, and smooth body and mouthfeel. CHEERS!.

Angry Pete's Pale Ale is part of a single hop series of pale ales we will be brewing here at Crossroads. Each batch uses only a single hop variety for bittering, flavor & aroma. We added the finest English Maris Otter and Pale Crystal Malt to create a medium body with just a touch of sweetness. This malt body helps support and showcase the pleasant flavor and bitterness of the hops. Look for a light hoppy aroma with the unique fruit, herb or spice hop character and a clean, crisp and slightly bitter finish. This batch of Angry Pete was brewed with Ahtanum hops  These hops provide a gentle bitterness and a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma.

Homewrecker IBU: 95 ABV: 9.6

Homewrecker is our American Imperial Pale Ale (or Double IPA). It features a base of English Maris Otter malt which lends this ale a full body, rich malty sweetness and high alcohol content. Copious amounts of American Centennial, Mosaic, Cascade and Simcoe hops contribute the strong hop bitterness and pronounced citrus tones of grapefruit and lemon along with some piney hop flavors and faint hints of blueberry. Even more of these hops are added as a dry hop to add a fresh hop aroma as well. Overall look for a rich malt sweetness up front which yields to an intense hop flavor, lingering bitterness and a warming effect on the palate from the high alcohol content. A perfect sipping beer! CHEERS!

Maggie’s Farmhouse Ale IBU: 30  ABV:  6.7

Maggie’s Farmhouse Ale is a Belgian Saison brewed in the farmhouse tradition.  German Pilsner & English Pale malts contribute a beautiful golden color and dry malty backbone which support robust fermentation esters.  Special Belgian yeast adds complex layers of fruit and spice flavors & aromas (called “esters”) naturally produced during the fermentation process.  Strong tropical fruit notes and earth farmhouse character are evident in this ale.  Maggie’s farm is moderately high in alcohol at 6.7% abv but a very light body and dry finish keep this beer drinkable. Overall look for a dry and surprisingly light-bodied Saison with a unique fruit & spice character with just a hint of wildness to the flavor

White Dog Wit IBU: 10 ABV: 4.4

White Dog Wit is a light bodied Belgian wheat beer featuring an array of spice & fruit characters.   A large portion of malted wheat supplies the body and texture for this ale and special Belgian yeast adds a layer of fruity notes.  In keeping with tradition, this witbier uses aromatic orange peel, fresh orange zest and toasted coriander to add an orangey aroma and spicy flavor.  In addition chamomile was added to the boil to contribute a subtle floral character that blends nicely with the coriander.  Overall look for a pleasantly drinkable and light bodied summer ale!

9 Lives Pale Ale IBU: 25 ABV: 5.9

This American Pale Ale is what helped to set the standard for most of the IPAs of today. Brewed with Galaxy, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops this pale ale gives off plenty of citrus aroma with slight bitterness.  We added the finest English Maris Otter and Pale Crystal Malt to create a medium body with just a touch of  sweetness. This malt body helps support and showcase the pleasant flavor and bitterness of the hops. Look for a hoppy aroma with the unique fruit, tropical character and a clean, crisp and slightly bitter finish.


Nine Pin Cider ABV: 6.8

Signature Blend of Dry Hard Cider


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